Are You Looking For Right Beam Design For Building Construction?

There are various kinds of beam designs and materials to choose from when designing a building or structure. Structural engineers can choose from different sizes, shapes, construction materials and construction technologies. Builders and structural engineers can choose from following most commonly used design options when creating a safe structural design.

Steel I-Beam Designs
Steel I-beams are widely accepted choice for building construction. I-beam is shaped like a capital I also known as a W shape. It is the most efficient use of structural steel since it moves the bulk of the steel into the parts of the beam essentially resisting the loads. Its design is the most common foundational design found in commercial structures but can also be used for residential structures.

Cantilever Beam Designs
Cantilever beam designs produce a suspended effect. These beams facilitate creation of balconies, bay windows and some bridges. In cantilever beam option, the weight load is distributed back into the core system of the structure, permitting a part of the structure to extend beyond the supported perimeters of the structure’s foundation.

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Selecting a Building Construction Contractor

Large-scale commercial and professional buildings have a different infrastructure than smaller-scale or residential buildings, as well as a specific set of performance requirements. As the owner or manager of a large building, there will come a time when you need the help of a building construction contractor. How do you locate one and how do you determine the contractor that is best for the needs of your building? If you don’t have a word-of-mouth recommendation, then quick search on the internet may provide you with several area contractors that will suit your needs. After you’ve gathered a list of prospects, plan to spend some time gathering information about each company.

Does the building construction contractor have experience? Longevity can be a key component whether you are looking for a construction contractor, building maintenance crew or a renovation contractor. If a contractor has been operating for several years in the business, you can feel confident that they have the know-how to serve your particular needs. It’s likely that with experience comes the ability to troubleshoot problems, offer turnkey solutions to trouble areas and to devise creative and functional ideas for building upgrades. Experienced contractors can provide you with a work portfolio and client list. Impressive portfolios speak to the caliber of the contractor’s work. provides comprehensive range of building and construction services from building maintenance, to full renovation contractor work. Other services include carpentry, electrical, mechanical, roofing, structural and more.

What range of services is offered? As mentioned earlier, large-scale buildings come with large-scale needs. This equates to knowing what material composition is most suitable for aesthetics and acoustics while maintaining affordability. For high-traffic areas like shopping malls, what flooring choice works best? How does that differ from the requirements of professional office space? A reputable building construction contractor will have knowledge of all building systems including interior fit-out, electrical systems, HVAC, plumbing and much more. The more intimate a contractor is with each building system, the more likely you are to receive quality service.

In the event that the building construction contractor choices you are researching seem equally skilled, you’ll want to look for a little something extra to determine your top choice. Any special certifications held by the contractor, like a membership with the Building and Construction Authority, will speak to the contractors overall customer dedication and quality standards. A company that strives to achieve recognition for meeting standards and requirements in field-related categories is serious about their work. Holding your contractor prospects to a higher standard will help you make an informed, safe and confident choice.

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Construction Loan – Build Homes At A Low Cost Funding

Financial constraints often are huge impediments in constructing a home for your self. But a construction loan comes handy for easy construction of home. Construction loan is designed especially for providing finance in a hurdle free manner and therefore many advantages are attached in the loan for the borrower.

One advantage of construction loan is that the borrower pays only interest during construction period. He pays principal amount after the construction is fully completed. The borrower takes certificate of occupancy and then only the construction is taken as completed. The interest rate on construction loan depends on the schedule of construction. Lenders will charge interest rate as per stages of construction. The loan amount depends on the equity in the land on which the home is to be constructed. The loan amount can vary lender to lender. It all depends on how much of the project cost a lender is willing to offer as construction loan.

Another point to be noted is that construction loan is a short term loan. As soon as you complete the construction and receive occupancy certificate you pay off the loan. It does not take much time to construct a home these days. So usually construction loan is given for 6 months to a year. The borrower needs not to pay off construction loan in installments which may consume the much required money for timely construction of home. All you do instead is that you pay all the borrowed amounts in one go when the home is finally completed. So the problem is where to find the finance for paying of the principal amount as the loan has been used fully for construction purpose. To solve this problem there is a provision of permanent financing which requires a new application from the borrower. Also there is option of combining construction loan and permanent financing to avoid second application which requires extra fee.

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For bad credit people the advantage of construction loan lies in changing interest rates. Not necessarily you will be charged higher interest rate because of your bad credit. Since the interest rate on construction loan changes as per completion of different stages of the home, the interest rate may even go down at certain point of time and may remain still. Moreover there is fixed rate bad credit construction loans option also which allows borrower to lock interest rate for certain repayment duration of say 15 or 30 years.

Search and compare extensively construction loan providers on internet. Before making the loan deal better compare terms and conditions. See which lender has the right package for you. Also decide if you want to a construction loan till the time of completion of home or you want to convert it into a mortgage loan. For faster processing and approval apply online for the loan.

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